Trimark Associates is a certified Meter Inspection Company, a Meter Engineering Firm, SCADA Engineering Firm, and SmartGrid/AMI Implementation Company. The Trimark team has extensive experience delivering turnkey implementations in the following areas:


                                    • SCADA: Remote Intelligent Gateways and Data Processing Gateways
                                    • Revenue Metering Systems and Meter Data Acquisition
                                    • ISO Compliant Telemetry Systems for Utility Solar and Wind Facilities
                                    • Wonderware System Platform HMI and Historian
                                    • IP-to-the-Endpoint SmartGrid-Enabled Metering
                                    • Secure RF and other Wireless Communications
                                    • TCP/IP, RS-232, RS-485, fiber optic, and network communications
                                    • IT Infrastructure and Systems Integration
                                    • Management of Complex Project

Our SCADA and metering solutions have been implemented at every form of generator, including wind, solar, biomass, hydroelectric, natural gas, and nuclear. Our SmartGrid/AMI systems are installed at municipal and government facilities across North America and our field technicians and engineers are based throughout the country.


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