Solar Standard & Smart Re-Combiners

DST Controls’ line of both Standard and Smart Combiners are manufactured to the highest quality to provide our clients with products that are reliable, safe, and easy to install and maintain. Our Manufacturing Facility is certified to UL-508A, UL-1741, and UL-67 standards. We also build to CE, IP20, and other international standards.

DST Controls is an ISO 9001/2008 registered company. This provides our clients with the assurance that they are receiving a quality product with impeccable traceability.

Our Smart combiner line is the most accurate and reliable combiner on the market today. Our Smart line has standard Modbus communications to work with all monitoring hardware and software.

DST Controls manufactures the most configurable combiners and sub-combiners in the industry. We do not hold you to buying any more strings than you require per your project design.

Please give us a call or email us with your specifications for your personalized quotation.

Combiner Product Features

DC Current Shunt:

  • Lowest cost method of measuring DC current under 100A
  • Easy to understand
  • No external power requirements
  • Zero output for zero current flow (no offset)
  • Field wiring is to field terminals
  • Military grade- used in military fighter jets
  • Extremely reliable under extreme conditions
  • Accuracy of (+) or (–) 0.25%
  • Shunt is separate from I/O device for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting


  • Standard- Rittal WM Series rated for NEMA Type 4 and not just 3R
  • Reflective textured paint
  • Metal with four coat proprietary paint process to prevent under creep and provide years of reliable service and protection from severe environmental conditions

Included Features:

  • Fuses are included- most of our competitors charge extra for the fuses
  • Metal locking hasp for site security
  • "Touch Safe" components for optimal safety

Available Options:

  • Certified DC disconnects
  • Wireless communications
  • I/O 24VDC power supplies
  • Field input connectors (Tyco or MC), conduit hubs, and cable glands
  • Certified transient voltage suppressors
  • Polycarbonate or fiberglass enclosures

Quality Assurance, Configuration, & Testing:

  • Documented QA on each unit
  • Photos of all units prior to shipping
  • Documented complete high pot and string current test on each unit
  • Serialized for ease of traceability and service
  • I/O modules configured and identified per the client’s specifications