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The PV market is a fast growing market, but also an highly technical market and within a decade it has moved from an experimental stage to an industrial stage which requires professional approach based on new standard & rules of installation of component system including of commissioning of installation. Mastery of photovoltaic technology enables SOCOMEC to demonstrate its involvement in the search of solutions for optimizing the electrical installations contributing thus to environmental conservation.


Safety of people and goods


The specificities of these installations make it imperative to take all measures to ensure safety of the system. This objective can be attained only if the equipment and

components are perfectly adapted and commissioning rules strictly followed.

However, from an electrical point of view a PV installation presents certain particularities that must be imperatively taken into account even if the feedback bases on PV installation is much lower.


Performance of installation


From the photovoltaic module to the connection to the grid, all the components should be perfectly specified and coordinated in order to offer optimum efficency for an available area of PV cells. This performance is not restricted to the output of photovoltaic cells but it will also depend on:

• choice of architecture of the installation,

sizing of the cable trucking and electrical


• performances of solar inverters,

their system to find the Maximum Power

Point (MPP),

choice of voltage adaptation and transformer

separation type.


Reliability of photovoltaic installation


Over and above contributing to environmental conservation, a photovoltaic installation must meet very high reliability requirements. In case of defect on one component, energy

production is stopped and the system's efficency is totally inefficient.

In order to be mastered, this kind of efficiency necessitates relying on systems for management and monitoring, smart control of solar inverter systems and support devices

for maintenance and service


… by a real specialist of your


energy …


Test laboratory Pierre Siat


Since 1965, Socomec has had an integrated

test laboratory at the heart of its production

site. This laboratory is a member of ASEFA

(French association of electrical appliance

facilities) and is accredited by COFRAC

(French accreditation commitee).

The research and development departments

of SOCOMEC have this structure to carry

out their investigations and qualifications.

These tests are carried out relying on a team

specialised, European and international


Types of tests: dielectric, heat, mechanical

endurance, system, climatic, short-circuit.



For an energy supply which is always reliable


and available


Safety in maintenance & service with a line of on load disconnect switches SIRCO DC.

A product line available in UL & IEC certified version.


In order to ensure Insulation during

maintenance, service & commissioning

operation or for emergency switch off in

case of risk of fire or electric shock, the

implementation of dedicated switches is


These devices must be installed according

to the architecture of the installation and at

each functional level.

In order to disconnect a direct current PV

string, array generator or solar inverters, only

SIRCO DC devices can:

• insulate the important d.c. voltages implemented

in such a context.

to guarantee safety operation of switch off

on load and disconnect for thousand of

operation, what so ever the level of d.c.

current, according to the level of sunlight.

Description: B4-150_UL.jpg

 1 .


Roof & building



1 Disconnection and switching of solar inverters


2 Protection against d.c. reverse currents and against a.c.short-circuits


4 Main switchboard to protect & disconnect a part or the complete installation


6 Measurement, management, analysis and control of the complete installation

Residential installation


1 Disconnection and switching of the solar invertor


6 Metering of import and export energies (production and consumption)



String and combiner boxes


1 Local disconnection and cut-off of the PV unit


Re-combiner boxes & Main switchboard


1 Disconnection and switching of solar inverters


2 Protection against d.c. reverse currents and

against a.c. short-circuits


4 Main switchboard to protect & disconnect a part or the complete installation


6 Measurement, management, analysis and control of the complete installation


Supervision with the system DIRIS system 6


Over and above having specific energy production inputs, a complete supervision proves to be indispensable for ensuring a follow-up of events and guaranteeing the overall functional efficiency of the installation.

Depending on the size of the installation, the DIRIS system will offer solutions for measurement, management or analysis of the energy.

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SOCOMEC is an independent industrial group, specializing in the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical energy for industry and the service sector. With more than 2,700 staff in 23 subsidiaries worldwide, our company has

complete control over the design, manufacture and sales of its products.

SOCOMEC solutions are recognized as being the most innovative and comprehensive on the market, meeting the most demanding requirements and applications.


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