Marathon Special Products

The Marathon Vision



Marathon Special Products, a Regal-Beloit company, is a manufacturing company engaged in the design and state of Terminal Blocks and Fuse Holders, which provide interconnection and circuit protection if electrical systems. Our market focus is a major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Electrical Panel Builders. We reach our customers using a broad network of Electrical/Electronic Distributors.


The value we provide is derived from excellent technical support, courteous service, and the highest quality products supplied with short lead times and competitive prices.

We have been designing electrical wiring devices for over 50 years.   Our facility in Bowling Green, Ohio contains all manufacturing and warehousing operations, including an extensive electrical test lab.


On February 1, 1994, Marathon Special Products became the first terminal block manufacturer in North American to be ISO 9002 certified; in August 2003, we became ISO 9001 certified.  You can count on our standard products or utilize our design and manufacturing engineering expertise to custom design the best solution to meet your needs. For many years, our products have satisfied thousands of customers in the industry.  Our experience, technological know-how, and advanced production facilities enable us to offer quality products at competitive prices.


Marathon Special Products manufactures a complete line of Terminal Blocks and Fuse Holders. We offer the Kulka line of Terminal Blocks in addition to Double Row Terminal Blocks, Single Row Terminal Blocks, Heavy Duty Terminal Blocks, Sectional Terminal Blocks, Military & Navy Class Terminal Blocks, DIN Sectional Terminal Blocks and Terminal Block accessories.   Marathon has also been manufacturing quality Fuse Holders, which will accommodate the following fuses: Class H, K, R, T, J, CC, G, CD and type M (miscellaneous).  The majority of Marathon components are molded, stamped, formed and assembled in a vertically integrated manufacturing system that is unique to the industry. The result is unequaled quality control that provides maximum product reliability.


Our focus is terminating devices and circuit protection. These products are not treated as an accessory. Our engineering staff members are experts at the design of Terminal Blocks and Fuse Holders that meet all agency requirements, including CE, for safe and reliable applications.

All products are proprietary to Marathon Special Products and patents cover several products. Technical resources to provide full customer application, as well as special design support, back these products. In addition, we have the ability to design a product for your termination needs. Our in-house electrical test lab enables us to ensure product performance and qualification for agency approval.


All employees are involved in continuous improvement action teams focused on achieving the vision of Marathon Special Products.

Mecasolar solar trackers and fixed structures are the result of several years of research and development by a group of experts with advanced knowledge in mechanical, electronic and solar energy materials.

In 2008 Mecasolar reached a market share of 60% worldwide in dual-axis tracking systems with over 180 MW constructed since 2004. Its manufacturing plants in Spain and Greece provide a manufacturing capacity in 2009 of 140MW/year and it expects to increase to 200MW/year for 2010, thanks to new products in its catalogue ( fixed structures and seasonal single-axis azimuth trackers ) and new production plants in Italy and USA.


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